About Membership

ANZIIF members are recognised throughout the insurance and financial services industry as professionals who are qualified, knowledgeable and committed to excellence in their fields.

ANZIIF CIP (Certified Insurance Professional) members are professionals who have attained an ANZIIF qualification or recognised equivalent, who participate in frequent professional development and who adhere to the ANZIIF Code of Ethics.

Learn about the differences in Membership Levels or what it means to be a CIP.

Find out more about ANZIIF membership by downloading a copy of our membership brochure.

How to become an ANZIIF member

Applications for ANZIIF membership can be completed either online, by mail by sending in a completed Member 2019 Election Form or over the phone by contacting our Customer Service team.

To apply online you must be logged in to the ANZIIF website. You can sign up as a new user or use an existing Master ID (Look up your Master ID).

Those who have previously studied with ANZIIF and who are logged in with their student Master ID will be automatically assigned the appropriate level of membership.*

Non-ANZIIF accredited qualifications

If you have completed a non-ANZIIF qualification and believe you are eligible for a level of membership higher than Allied membership, you will need to apply by mail using the Membership Election Form 2019 and supplying certified documentation.

In Australia, a certified copy is one that has been certified by a person before whom a statutory declaration may be made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959. If the copy is to be certified outside Australia, it should be certified by a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in that country (e.g. a notary public).

International qualifications and reciprocal membership

ANZIIF offers tailored membership options for graduates with relevant overseas qualifications. A range of international qualifications have been matched to ANZIIF membership levels. If your qualification is not listed you may apply to the Customer Service team for an assessment of your membership eligibility.

International Membership Directory

Connect with individuals and companies committed to industry development and excellence across South East Asia by downloading the South East Asia Membership Directory.

How to upgrade your membership

If you are an existing member of ANZIIF and you complete a higher ANZIIF qualification or AQF equivalent, you can upgrade to a higher level of membership. You will be issued a new membership certificate and can use the higher ANZIIF post-nominal.

The membership upgrade fee is AUD $110 for Australian members or NZD $120 for New Zealand members. The international membership upgrade fee is AUD $105. 

CIP Affiliate membership is no longer offered to new members or to members seeking membership upgrades. Existing CIP Life Affiliates of ANZIIF may upgrade to CIP Associate by completing the following three Diploma of Life Insurance modules:

  • FSL506 Life Insurance Claims
  • FSL501 Serving the Life Insurance Customer OR
    FSL507 Serving the Life Insurance Customer (New Zealand)
  • FSL502 Life Insurance Law and Regulation OR
    FSL508 New Zealand Life Insurance Law and Regulation.

The Manage Membership page will display whether you are eligible for a membership upgrade and provide you with an easy method to do so. You can also upgrade your membership by downloading the Member Upgrade 2018.

Reinstate your membership

If you were previously a member of ANZIIF and your membership has lapsed, you can reinstate your membership. 

Application for Membership Reinstatement can be completed either online or by mail by sending in a completed Membership Reinstatement form.

Membership renewal

Membership renewal^ is due at the beginning of each calendar year and can be completed by contacting the Customer Service team or renew online.

Confirmation of membership

To verify that your membership is up-to-date or to check your details are current log on to the ANZIIF website and visit Manage Membership from the Account Tools menu.

To check if a member of the public is a member of ANZIIF, contact the Customer Service team. Please note that we respect the privacy of our members and will only be able to confirm member level and member status. For further information, see our privacy policy.

*Please note: As a professional association, ANZIIF reviews its membership criteria, benefits and eligibility requirements from time to time. All decisions on election to membership will reflect the requirements at the time of application. There is no guarantee of admission at the same level of membership that applied when you completed your studies.

^ Please advise if you will not be renewing due to maternity/paternity leave and ANZIIF will waive the renewal reinstatement fee the following year.